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57 - La Chamana
Called the rough voice of tenderness by those that loved her, Chavela Vargas is best known for her haunting renditions of traditional Mexican rancheras, despite being Costa Rican.
Although throughout most of career Vargas had never directly addressed her sexuality, she let her music and personality do the talking, refusing the change the lyrics of songs (which were often written by men in dedication to women), drinking heavily, wearing men’s clothing, and often carrying with her a riffle.
At the age of 81 Vargas publicly announced that she was indeed lesbian, and from then (until her death 12 years later) she became a loud voice in favor of lesbian visibility.
Gorge Rodriguez Gerada. Barcelona, Spain.

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Tanapol Kaewpring
He desperdiciado mi vida entera, no se a dónde ir, no hablo con nadie, no tengo nada que decir, no tengo la menor idea de lo que busco ni lo que quiero encontrar, pero te quiero

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